Censoring with Moderation rather than Replacement

I have a request - if this is already doable, please let me know how. On our forum, I have common curse words censored, replaced with "***" - this works well.

We have an Everything Else section of our forum for anything off-topic. I would like to make sure that political comments are restricted to that section of the forum, and now have a problem with the word "trump." It does get used in regular forum traffic, e.g., "doing it the other way will trump what you've planned." That's OK, but I want to restrict things like a recent post that someone just threw in "Trump 2016!" into - that's OK in the off-topic section, but the post in question was in a regular forum section.

What I need is to flag this word and possibly others, and have those posts appear in my moderation queue - is this possible, either as-is or with an add-on?

Context is everything, and neither "Hillary" nor "Clinton" are verbs.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

That looks interesting - reading about it made me realize I know nothing about a "regular expression" and would like to learn - can you or someone post me to a primer on the subject? I'm an ex-techie and think I could probably figure it out after reading an explanation.

As to the main point I raised, though, this doesn't address it. I now moderate all first posts because I am set up to do that, and I now moderate all posts from a selected, small group of users because I've configured a group for that purpose. I want to have any post with certain expressions - and using regular expressions seems the ticket here, for sure - to also go into my moderation cue. I suppose I could use the add-on you suggest, and once I've learned about regular expressions, that would help, but I do my job part-time and the best solution for me, for now, is simply to be able to catch posts I think might be a problem and use what I find to build up my list of censor words/expressions.

Am I thinking clearly on this one?



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Ahh, I speed read through what you actually wanted.

As far as I know, there is no default or add-on feature that will trigger moderation queue based on post content. It's designed around users and user groups. Maybe someone else can chime in but you may be looking at custom development. Or turn this into a suggestion.