XF 1.2 Censoring and italics (maybe bold and underline too)


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We've fallen foul of Googles adsense policies (adult themes), in trying to sort that out, I've noticed that when you do a site search for us, with the f word (no idea who's reading this :)) it shows up in threads when it's still spelt the same, but when the c is in italics for example.

Is there an easy way of sorting this out?

Thanks in advance.



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I'm not sure I understand.

Do you mean people are bypassing the censor by using bb code on individual characters in words?

If so, there's no way of dealing what that other than via moderation.


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Yes, sorry Brogan, not wanting to sully this fine forum with expletives I didn't want to post it, but a clean example:

I've censored Oranges to be replaced with Monkey

People have then posted Oranges and it's posted without replacing the word


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@Brogan - Can you think of any reason that doing a replace in MySQL would be an issue? Seems OK on the test site

update xf_post set message = replace(message,'f[I]l[/I]ip','funk');


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Thanks Brogan - On the test site, it did seem to replace words within a sentence, so in the above example fliped became funked

I'm trying to think of an exhaustive list now - loads to add, thanks for the reassurance.