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[CC|T] Copy code 2.1.0 Fix 1

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Tarkhubal submitted a new resource:

[CC|T] Copy code - add a button at the top to copy all the code with one click

Aujourd'hui, nous finissons par partager un addon que j'ai fait.​
  • Version: 2.0.0
  • version de xenforo: 2.0.x
  • branding: oui (pour supprimer cette marque vous devez faire un don simple de 2 € ici: Donation )
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Cet addon vous permettra d'ajouter un bouton de sécurité pour copier le code dans le presse-papiers.
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Une fois que vous l'avez...​

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I don't want to register on a third party site just to download this. Just make it available here. Until then, I'll pass.


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It does not work with last XF 2.2.7.
If someone knows an alternative add-on for this functionnaliy, please let mo know, I defintely need it on my forum :).


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Hi @Ozzy47 ,
Thank you, I have tried to download your add-on but unfortunately impossible to receive your activation email on your website.
I have asked a "resend"' several times with several email addresses and I receive nothing...
Maybe an issue on your website?