Category Option - Count Media Towards Upload Quota


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With the advent of attachment mirroring, administrators should have the option to decide which XFMG Categories count towards a users XFMG: Upload Quota - Maximum Allowed Storage (MB), much like we can currently choose which forums count towards a users post count.

Mirroring attachments, without the ability to choose if they count towards a user's XFMG: Upload Quota - Maximum Allowed Storage (MB), can potentially wipe out a user's ability to utilize a forum's Media Gallery.

This could potentially cause user revolts on forums that monetize additional gallery space, and may render attachment mirroring unusable as currently implemented.

Giving admins the ability to set whether uploads to a XFMG category counts towards a users "Maximum Allowed Storage (MB)" quota would minimize the issues while still allowing us to implement mirroring.
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