Category Name In URLs

I know this question may have been asked more times and i have tried to read all threads but did not find specific answer. My Board will be health related and still under development. There are similar titled threads but will be in different categories. For example there is a thread "Development of Cancer" and it will be in the Kidney Category , Brain Category and many more categories too.

Currently the best i can do with the help of 1.2.1 version of xenforo is that i can put thread titles in url but since most of my threads will be of same nature but category will be different so i want category names in URLs. For example this is what i would like to see (example thread i need in for kidney category) (example thread i need for Brain Category)

Currently i am not finding any option to put categories in URLS. I do not know if i am missing some thing here or if there is any solution to this problem. Since the category name is different for each category so route filter is also not working for me.
Can any body tell how to tackle this problem.


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The default route for threads is /threads so all the route filter function can do is change that.

The forum/category information is not in the thread URL.

Brandon Sheley

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Yup, you can use the routes to at least setup the category pages but the threads themselves won't have the forum category name in them.. but at least it's a start.


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I quite like the idea of forum names in the url, wonder if this could be moved to the suggestions forum as a possible option?
this is a must for XenForo board to be able to listed on google news right?
currently you can't add to google news, because the post itself does not have categorynode.999 on the url.