XF 1.1 Category as Self Pages


I have several categories with several forums each of them

Is there a way I can link to a specific category and view ONLY the forums in that category? I don't want to see all the other categories and forums.

The idea is to use "Nodes as Tabs" to link to the specific categories...


Sorry to bother you again, is there a way to remove the forums from the navbar? Know that I have "Nodes as Tabs" I don't want a link to the forums...


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Doing so will remove the sub-navigation links, but if you remove this from the template navigation, it will disappear:
        <!-- forums -->
        <xen:if is="{$tabs.forums}">
            <li class="navTab forums {xen:if $tabs.forums.selected, 'selected', 'Popup PopupControl PopupClosed'}">
                <a href="{$tabs.forums.href}" class="navLink">{$tabs.forums.title}</a>
                <a href="{$tabs.forums.href}" class="SplitCtrl" rel="Menu"></a>
                <div class="{xen:if {$tabs.forums.selected}, 'tabLinks', 'Menu JsOnly tabMenu'} forumsTabLinks">
                    <div class="primaryContent menuHeader">
                        <div class="muted">{xen:phrase quick_links}</div>
                    <ul class="secondaryContent blockLinksList">
                    <xen:hook name="navigation_tabs_forums">
                        <xen:if is="{$visitor.user_id}"><li><a href="{xen:link 'forums/-/mark-read', $forum, 'date={$serverTime}'}" class="OverlayTrigger">{xen:phrase mark_forums_read}</a></li></xen:if>
                        <xen:if is="{$canSearch}"><li><a href="{xen:link search, '', 'type=post'}">{xen:phrase search_forums}</a></li></xen:if>
                        <xen:if is="{$visitor.user_id}"><li><a href="{xen:link 'watched/threads'}">{xen:phrase watched_threads}</a></li></xen:if>
                        <li><a href="{xen:link 'find-new/threads'}" rel="nofollow">{xen:phrase whats_new}</a></li>