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Can you tell me how to stretch those parts?
Like the 1. one and the 2. one.


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Can you tell me how to stretch those parts?
Like the 1. one and the 2. one.
For 1. I'd go to Style Properties -> General -> Content and increase the bottom padding.

For 2. you can try this in extra.css:

.footerLegal .pageWidth {
margin-bottom: 30px;
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I saw on some sites, which use your styles, this:

Can you explain me how to achieve this on this style (Casual)? To show the number of new posts?
I am not sure if it is an add-on related thing or style customization. Thought I ask you about it.


It is possible to increase the design and pull it full screen?
Or at least to keep margins as small as possible
On large resolutions have really a lot of empty space on the sides


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Although I use another of their themes, I assume the XenBase framework is all the same so I think it was Style Properties: [XB] General Setup that you can choose the sizes, widescreen, set the widths etc.


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Russ updated Casual - with a new update entry:

Minor 1.4.8 Update

This is a minor update to the Casual Style.
  • New default avatars
  • Fixed link colors inside notices
  • Changed main image to a gradient found in Casual Properties
  • Various CSS improvements
  • Replaced Main Navigation and Sub Heading background image with a gradient(Style Properties -> Casual Properties -> Gradient1)
By default I set the gradient to look like the old image, but you can generate any gradient you want to take place on the navigation/sub-headings.
Read the rest of this update entry...


how to set a little bit more width for the entire board; even fluid width is good for me. (like default theme of xenforo). I also want to know some tips what numbers i have to set for width to show forums in columns. Thank you!