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I am still researching XF and making sure that all of the features that I need are available before I purchase XenForo. One of the issues is that I keep coming up against is that I can't see the full-size previews of the screenshots that the mod authors are posting.

There are several themes I would like to examine in detail to see if I can modify them to meet my needs, and several mods I would like to examine more closely.

Can full-size previews be enabled for that forum for those who have not yet bought XenForo?


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Being able to do so would help me become a licensed customer! To be fair to XF, though, this is a similar policy that vB has and it drove me nuts with them too.


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Being able to do so would help me become a licensed customer! To be fair to XF, though, this is a similar policy that vB has and it drove me nuts with them too.
I went through the same problem, but I think it's better off the way xF is doing it now.

As far as themes go, I've only seen one really good theme other than my own. xF is new, and theme being created haven't really broken the mold yet, but it's surely on it's way. After debating for a month if I really wanted xF, I finally bought it and haven't looked back.

There are some excellent mods already for XF, media/wiki/porta/chat come to mind. If you any other questions just ask. I've used most forum software out there, and I think xF is the best hands-down. And it's only in beta.

One of the features you may be interested in is the style(theme) editor. You can make changes to the color and a few minor things to any of your themes without the knowledge of HTML/CSS. It's really innovative.

The thing I like the most about xF is that it's fast.

Anyway, I won't ramble. What features are you looking for?


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I do love the style/theme color editor. I've been positively drooling over that video that kier posted.

It's not a matter of if I'm going to get XF, just when. I'm pretty good with CSS, but I did want to examine the other graphics that some of the other themes are coming with.

Features wise, most everything is there. I've been trying to stay involved in the suggestions forums, watching to see what people are requesting (and consequently, what isn't available in XF yet.

Some notables that aren't available yet are global ignore settings, global RSS feed, being able to merge users, and mobile app support (sorta waiting on Tapatalk to get going on that)


I think attached screenshots are just images, and not resources. Resources could easily be linked in .zip files, or other document types. Therefor allowing guests, or at least members (without a license) to browse just those type of contents helps add value to the thread they're reading - they registered after all ..

I support the suggestion of considering to update the system to have a permission '[x] can view .gif/.jpg/.png graphic attachments' just below '[ ] can download attachments'.

The lack of this on remote sites is usually why I dropbox the images or host them myself, rather than using the attachment feature.


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I've been denied:

XenForo Community - Error

You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action

when trying to view like 4 different attachments tonight. All of which were images showing examples of mobile themes, and some other graphic icon to be added to member profiles. Are all attachments disabled unless you're a licensed customer?