XF 1.1 Can't Moderate

This is embarrassing, but after much head scratching I am at a dead end.

I have just installed my forum, but I can't seem to moderate posts or threads. I think I have checked everything, but I must have missed something:
  • I edited the config file and my user is a Super Administrator (though this shouldn't be necessary for moderation alone)
  • Primary user group is Administrative
  • Administrative permissions are set to allow everything
  • User is a super moderator (with all settings)
  • User specific permissions are set to allow all
I can see the Moderation and Reported queue at the top of the page, but strangly after report 2 posts I don't see these in the queue. But think this must be linked to the wider lack of moderation tools problem.
Help would be greatly appreciated.


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You should look at your user group permissions both at node level and user level, to see if you have set moderator permissions in any of them as never. Never actually means never, this will override both higher and lower level permissions.
Thank you for the comments, but I did also check the nodes and user settings.

Being my account I simply set everything to allow, but still no moderation options...
Ahh... I have found the problem.

I was a member of a secondary user group, and that had some options set to never.

So never really does mean never and can't be overridden even by the primary group. Interesting to know.

I have now set moderation options in this group to Not Set (No).