XF 1.2 Can't edit thread name mayus


I can not edit thread name mayus or minus, example; if i put "Welcome To ThE ForUm" to a thread as a tittle, and then i want to change it to "Welcome to the forum" it doesn't change. it stay as the first.

Also i can't see some news with the administration account when the user criteria has it included. (but i can see other news; all my news have the same user criteria...)

Thank you.
Also "New Post" isn't working :/ no matter how many new post are created it doesn't show them, just show one older post from the last year.


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I don't really understand your problem(s).

Can you post a screenshot(s) highlighting what it is you can't do?
Ok, here are my problems:

1) When you create a thread like this, you have to put a title like "Can't edit thread name mayus"; let's say that i wan't to change the "Can't" for "can't" or anything like that. I can not change it; the letter "C" back to be mayus.

2) It's a different problem, now i have running 4 notices in my forum, all of them have the same user criteria; but with my administrator account i only can see two. But with a normal user account i can see the four. (As i said all of them have the same user criteria)

3) The module "Recent Posts" is not working, it's not showing the new posts made. It just show an older post made in the last year and that's it.

Hope you understood me, thank you very much.


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1. I don't know what "mayus" is but I am guessing you have title case enabled in the options - you can disable that.

2. Presumably you have already dismissed those notices.

3. If that is related to an add-on you will need to post in the discussion thread for support with it.


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You can restore dismissed notices via your account preferences.

Without a link to your site I can't determine what the issue is related to the find new posts function.