Cannot Upload Avatar


On my website, people are having trouble uploading avatars including myself. So this is what I did, I clicked on browse in the Avatar Editor and clicked on the image that I wanted. When I click on Okay to save my Avatar it continuously loads and will not save my avatar. I checked the permissions and made sure that the permissions weren't effecting it. I don't know what to do so please help.


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which Image processor do you have selected? Options>attachments>
Default Image Processor
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I have had trouble with getting animated avatars to upload with GD but as of late timing out with IM
I think there must be a frame limit or it could be a throttle on my processor usage but that should not be the case.


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XF saves avatar under the folder data/avatars where you install XF. Try to chmod -R 777 at data level.

eg.If you have installed XF in community folder
cd /var/www/community/data
chmod -R 777 avatars

I will guess the folder is not writeable thus upload can not be done!

Hope it helps!