Can you remove all imported data (eg users, threads, posts)

Lone Wolf

Well-known member
I imported my old Vbulletin forum into my test Xenforo install a few months ago. All that information is out of date now and I want to do a fresh import from my vb forum into xenforo again.

However I dont want to re-install XenForo from scratch because I dont want to lose all the style and settings tweaks that I've implemented.

Is there any way for me to revert my xenforo threads, posts, users, PMs, etc back?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
You should reinstall from scratch, or restore a backup from before the initial import. There is no easy way to deal with duplicate content from the first import.

Use the test forum as a point of reference in doing your final import (as opposed to building onto the test forum and taking it live). You can export your custom style from the test forum and install it on the new forum.