can XF be run de-centralized / P2P / Bitcoin-Protocol ?


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Even if it were possible from a technical standpoint, I'm not sure how practical it would be. Decentralized also means no one is truly in charge. It would be tough to run a forum where every user is an administrator I would think.


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many thanks for your feedback!

So if XenForo would be run centrally (e.g. on a server in a company-intranet), would it be possible to run XF on the Bitcoin-Protocol ?

I am just trying to understand how this Bitcoin-Protocol works and if it would be possible to run a software like XenForo on this Bitcoin-Protocol.

My question is not about central / decentral, but rather about the Bitcoin-Protocol and what has to be done in order to run a software like XF on that Bitcoin-Protocol.
And if it would be run on that Bitcoin-Protocol, what would be the advantages of it ?

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I'm sure you could probably adapt the protocol to support it given an infinite amount of development resources... But it would be slow... And what sort of incentive would make someone want to run your site partially on their equipment? BitCoin ultimately rewards new currency to people running it on their computers (the mining mechanism).

If you are talking about using the protocol just to decentralize your equipment (but you still control all your equipment), then you are really talking about geographical replication/data centers/clusters...

But long story short is the bitcoin protocol would not be well suited to run a website... Just would be slow with multiple peers needing to validate everything happening.