can xenforo be intergrated with pro chat rooms

Jake Bunce

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Possible, yes. But requires some coding.

Those instructions appear to be relying on cookie information from the CMS. It's a sort of loose integration. You can't quite do the same thing with XF as it doesn't store the username in a cookie. That information needs to be queried from the user_id (which is in a cookie). Or you could create an addon for XF to write a username cookie which should allow you to implement those instructions.


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ok i'm going to buy the chat system can someone help me with doing the instruction for how to do it.

i did try to follow their instructions and made a file with this code


/** Show Session Values **/
foreach($_SESSION as $key => $val)
echo $key . " : " . $val . "<br>";

but did not get any result , i'm not even sure if put it in the right place