XF 1.5 Can we copy a single forum only between 2 installs of xenforo??


We are in the process of upgrading from vBulletin to Xenforo, it's a bit of a mission and it wouldn't be an upgrade unless there is something that didn't quite go to plan.

We deleted old forums but it appears that those old forums also included a link to a current forum which also ended up being wiped which we didn't notice. I can restore back to this point which then would also mean losing 3 days of work that was done afterwards so not ideal.

Is there any way I can export a forum on its own somehow or use the import feature to connect to a staging copy of the site and import a single forum only?
We are talking xenforo to xenforo here so to recap the forum is in a 3 day old backup while the current version if we revert means redoing 3 days worth of work.

Any advise assuming there is any solution to this at all is appreciated.