XF 1.1 Can someone walk me through redirection?


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So, I recently moved EverythingHalo from vB3.6.8 to xenForo. I then closed the vB forum to get spiders crawling the new location, and the new xenForo site.

Basically, I want to redirect bots from everythinghalo.com/forum/ to simply www.everythinghalo.com And that includes all threads, and posts. I still have a backed up vB3.6.8 database of URL's already in the xenForo core.

I'd use Mike's redirection script here, but I am still confused on how to do this since this is one of those cases of "two steps forward, one step backwards."

EDIT: FYI, I want the best redirection method there is. Since the vB license installed in "forum" isn't mine.


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Yeah I know CPanel. Send me your CPanel login and some examples of old vB URLs and I can setup your redirects for you.
I don't want you to set them up, I have a question about where to find the exact pathfiles, and whatnot.

I'm thinking of security, when I'm asking for PC.


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When working with redirects, how do I find "$fileDir = 'C:/inetpub/wwwroot/xenforo';" in CPanel instances? What am I supposed to look for?

I know how to look for directories, but how do I find out the cpanel's beginning directory so that I can fill that desired detail above?

And, how can I find the [archived] import data as per "define('IMPORT_LOG_TABLE', 'my_import_log');"?

Jake Bunce

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Visit admin.php?tools/phpinfo and search the page for "DOCUMENT_ROOT". That will reveal the full server path. But on CPanel servers the path is always /home/username/public_html/.

If you archived the import log then the default table name is archived_import_log. You can examine your table names in phpmyadmin (in CPanel) to confirm the name of the table.


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[Old content removed by Carlos]

EDIT: Just uncommented those, and it's live. Now to see if it works.

Nope. It doesn't. JAKE!

EDIT 2: Tinkered around a bit here and there....IT WORKS!