Can my members access my XF site from multiple domains?


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I'm looking to move my big board over to XF later in the year.

When we were on vB3.8.4 I bought several domains and pointed them all at the exact same installation on the server and they all worked fine; you could access the site from - - and

When we moved to IPB this stopped working; the homepage was accessible from the non-primary domains, however any links for the board thereafter redirected to the primary domain (

Will XF allow my members to access the site from all three domains without redirecting them to the primary domain?

Shaun :D


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Yes it can, I am doing this on my forum.

I have the main domain and and the only things that links back to the main domain is the logo :)


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Just bear in mind (and this probably isn't applicable to you, but incase the thread is found via searches), if the forum content / structure differs according to the domain name (i.e. filtering of forums), then you have to get a license per domain.