Can I use one license for more than one page?


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Hey xenforo-community,
I'm a leader of a forum website. Now I have created another site for a other topic so could I use my bought license there too? So that I'm finally useing my license on two website (booth created and administaited byme)? Is this allowed? Just want to know because I want have legit forms :D

Thank you and have a nice Day!
If you want to install multiple copies of the base script without having to pay for each one, then I suggest you try myBB, phpBB, SMF, NodeBB or Vanilla or some of the other ones out there.

And having tried most of those, you definitely get what you pay for. I only have a couple of stray older forums still running those free systems, and can't wait to get time to finally migrate them off. One is for a client, so it will be a new license. But for the others, it is just a matter of importing them to an existing XF installation where I have consolidated everything.
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