XF 1.2 Can I safely work on my theme during thread/post import?


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I don't want to break my importer... getting about 8% an hour, so it's going to be a while. Meantime, i'd like to get my skin together. Obviously, that hits the db.

do i risk screwing the pooch on the import by messing with styles? is there any style data that touches thread or post db tables?

Steve F

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You should make a local install just to be safe. There are some tutorials here for setting up a local install on your computer.


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I've redone it a few times now :p I'm fairly certain this one is going to roll up ok at this point. I understand it's risky, but sitting here for 8 more hours watching and doing nothing is also not productive either (and i still have some learning curve to get to know the system). I bought a pro theme, so i really just need to install it and change my logo. doesn't really warrant a temp install and then deal with exporting/etc