XF 2.0 Can I move the base of users and posts / threads from xF1 to xF2?


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Hello, can I move only the base of users and posts / threads from db xF1 to xF2?

I'm using xF1, but in dev I have xF2. I created changes in theme, install few plugins (there is not much to xF2 :( ), and I'm still waiting to update few xF1 addons (multi prefix, thumbnails etc).

So I have question: can I update only tables with users and posts/threads?
Will it work?
Or do I have to set everything up again and update the current forum with the current database (when Multi Prefix will work on xF2)?



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No, that's not possible.

You would have to do an import, or redo the work on the other installation.
You could at least export and import the style, but no other settings.
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