XF 1.5 Can I Do This With a User Promotion?

We do these three steps about once a month:
  1. Run a program outside of XF that compares a spreadsheet of email addresses to our XF user email addresses.
  2. If a match is found, the user is added to a "holding" group whose only purpose is to hold these member temporarily while I send them an email from the ACP.
  3. Once that email has been sent, we remove all the users from the holding group and give them membership in a regular, permanent group.
Steps 1 and 3 above are done by our programmer outside of XF.
I would like to handle Step 3 with a User Promotion.

So far, I can tell the promotion to:
  • Act on everyone who is in the holding group and not in the permanent group.
  • Add these people to the permanent group.

And so far, what I can not do is:
  • Have the promotion remove people from the holding group
  • Run the promotion manually - I think I'll need to keep it as not active, then activate it, then come back and deactivate it again.

Anyone have thoughts for me on how to better manage this? I am thinking into the wind here?

Thanks in advance.



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If membership of the holding group is done via a promotion then you can set the criteria for that promotion to only apply if they are not members of the permanent group.

Once they get promoted to the permanent group, they will be demoted from the holding group.
If you'll forgive a related question, my cron says user promotions are run on the hour at 5 minutes after, and either my promotion didn't work or it didn't run.

The only things I checked off on the first screen are "user is a member of" and "user is not a member of" and I highlighted the two appropriate group names. Am I required to check off something in User Status in order for this to run?

Thanks in advance.

More info - at the suggestion of our developer, I logged in my test user, whose account hadn't been used since July 1. The promotion appears to have worked in that my test user is in the permanent group, but it did not remove the test user from the temporary group. Why did I have to login the user for the promotion to take effect?

Steve "bewildered in Ridgewood, NJ, USA" Freides