Can I change which site to have debranding?


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Prepare for what could be the dumbest question on this site, but here goes.

I have purchased two xenforo licenses and one debranding (remove footer link) option. Now I'd like to switch these, since I can't purchase a new debranding at the moment, and site 2 needs the debranding more than site 1 (which has the debranding right now).

So... Can I go into my customer options and switch the URLs? And then, of course, removing the footer link for site 2 and re-adding it for site 1?

I don't see the problem with doing this, but I thought I'd check for any legal or techincal issues with it. Thanks!


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I can't see that being a problem as you can change the URLs for each license at any time.

I suppose strictly speaking you should also upload the relevant package to each domain so the files and license numbers match.


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I'd imagine that the branding you purchased is for one license, so I'd also assume it doesn't matter which as long as your website with the branding is reflected in the customer area, and only one license has the branding removed.

Nice question...


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Each license as its own number so that it can be identified when used. Branding Removal is attached to a specific license. As each license is linked to a site/URL it is important that the correct license is used to avoid any confusion. The files for each site/URL should match the URL linked to the license in the Customer Area.