Can i add features to XenForo license after buying?


When buying XenForo, some feature list appears on the screen. We can choose what we want from here and create the package according to ourselves and buy it. Let's say i bought it without anything selected, Can i add features to this package later?
Just some information which might be good to know based on my experience.

If you decide to not use an addon in future. You would still need to pay for it during xenforo license extension. You cannot renew individual licenses. So if you decide to add an addon today, and extend xenforo license tomorrow, you would be paying for addon license extension as well even though you bought it today. And, if you decide that you do not need an addon. And you do not want to pay to renew its license, you can ask support to remove it from your account. But in future, if you want to use it again, you would have to pay the full price for the addon again.
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