Can a search be constructed using GET instead of POST?

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I use the Context Menu Search add-on for Chrome that allows me to highlight text, right-click and search any site that allows a GET (URL) form submission to a search page. I have a couple dozen search targets set up like this for sites like Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay, facebook and Google Maps. Plus a number of forums that aren't using XenForo. Example:

I'd like to be able to do this for a couple of forums that have recently switched to XenForo, but I've been stymied. Seems like all the search forms use POST. I've tried using GET (a URL link) to submit searches, but (depending on the site) I basically get a 404 error. This is an example of a URL that I've tried:[]=7&keywords=Titanic

Can this be done with XenForo?
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Unfortunately this forum is not for support and you would need to be a licensed customer to post in a more appropriate forum.

You should direct your questions to the site owner who can then request support from us, should they wish to.
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