Calling applyThreadPrefix doesn't work as expected


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I know that this is a bit strange, but let's see if someone gets what I am missing.

I need to call XenForo_Model_InlineMod_Thread::applyThreadPrefix so that I can change the prefix of one or more threads.

Yes, the user is authorized, and so is the forum for that particular prefix.

I am calling the function from an extention of XenForo_ControllerPublic_InlineMod_Thread, so I am creating that class:

$threadInlineModel = XenForo_Model::create('DaVinciDigital_GuildManager_Extend_Model_InlineMod_Thread');
Within the function I call it like this:

            $unchangedThreadsIds = array();
            $errorKey = '';
            $options = array ();
            $prefixId = (string)$guilds[$thread['node_id']]['deguilded_prefix_id'];
            $threadInlineModel->applyThreadPrefix($threadDeguilded, $prefixId, $unchangedThreadIds, $options, $errorKey);
On the first run, it does NOT work. Function is called, parameters are there and correct, but simply is does not write to DB, nor I get a moderator log as expected. So, something is off. Still I get no error ($errorKey) nor any unchanged thread ($unchangedThreadIds). Then out of the blue, once in a while, it works. Behavior is not coherent.

I tried to mimic the function by creating a new datawriter, and that doesn't work either: it simply does not write to DB. The only solution I found was to raw write to the DB with this:

$db = XenForo_Application::get('db');

        UPDATE xf_thread SET
        prefix_id = ".$guilds[$thread['node_id']]['deguilded_prefix_id'] . "
        WHERE thread_id = ".$thread['thread_id']);

(at the moment it is running within a loop, so it isn't efficient as it should).

Any idea on what I may be missing?


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I think I am getting a step forward.

applyThreadPrefix is failing because it is not passing the canEditThreads checks. In particular it is not passing canViewThreadAndContainer

So I can't view... mmmm I have checked all permissions and they are correct. If I use the original InLine Mod selection of XenForo it works without any problem.

I am missing something, but I can't quite catch what.


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Nothing, I just can't find the reason why I am failing canViewThreadAndContainer while the original XenForo doesn't fail.