Add-on Calendar and Profile Integrated Raiding system

Ok, This actually got a bit harder to explain than first assumed.

But essentially a copy of Http:// 's Event and game system for Xenforo with integration with trophy system

I'll add a video explaining exactly what i mean later today.
(It's going to be used as a raiding and guild event calendar for a multigame community)

and signups for each game is different, however Enjin solved that very well, but there is some slight ajustments I'd like to see which is integrating it with Xenforo's point system ( tagging each event with a category one or more categorys (which will be added as options for Trophys)

Yes No or Maybe and Available.

Where YES will add one point to Event Attending and Raid attending and Coil Runner.
when the Event start will the officer tick each of the attendees as Confirmed or not Confirmed

In case person have clicked Yes but didn't turn up will they get minus points in the above categories if possible ( if not )
will it add points towards separate categories i define aswell, example (No-man-Show)
which 10 point in that will grant him the achievement, ( Not showing up for Events as promised)

And each Yes, No, maybe, and queue,
In case example Tanks is full will it ask if you want to run with an alt or put you in the queue.
you can't get both, if you decide the queue will you be added again with the first come first served in case one of the attendees doesn't turn up. of that job ( In this case Tank)

( each event will also be able to select criteria based on character level related to the game event's template is based upon and other information people can add on their character page)

each game event game category will have selectable predefined sub categories which will give points towards different stuff example raids. Or Newbie helping squad.
which each amount points towards different categories but this is something I want ability to add myself as categorys and each new category i add will be automatically added as a Category in the trophy system ( even the game ) example a guy have 25 points in raiding 10 points in Helper and 35 Points towards Final Fantasy XIV) and say 250 points gives you a trophy called Final Fantasy XIV veteran.

Please PM me pricing, also I'll be adding a video later today explaining all this in depth.
I'll also be available on skype which I'll give trough PM's

//PhantasmOfShadows, Leader of Http:// Multigame community.
Just wanted to bump, and Inform that XenCentral did contact me, and told me they would get back to me within 24 hours time Is past that and they still haven't Agreed to do it, So for now am I still looking for anyone interested in this project, Preferably somebody I can talk with Makes it easier to explain.

Also here is a full In depth video ( 40 minutes long be warned)
Should probably had broken it into parts and sections.