Calendar add-ons


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I've been searching for a calendar add-on which fits our requirements, but I'm still scratching my head. Does anyone have a recommendation of an add-on which:
  • Provides the facility to create multiple calendars
  • Allows assignation of group permissions to calendars
  • Allows private calendars (as per private nodes) which only those with express allow permissions can see
  • Does not require a thread to be created just to make a calendar event
Any ideas?


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Interesting requirement on multiple calendars - out of interest, what's the end use of that?
I wonder if a single calendar but with multiple event categories/types/prefixes would be a solution here?
And for your third requirement, the ability to have hidden events that only invitees can see listed ( aka Ashley Madison hookups :) )


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We have several groups of users who coordinate events specific to that group. For example, users in London might schedule meetups among themselves that aren't relevant to users in New York, so don't need to be spamming the main calendar with those dates. Similarly if they're working together on projects they'll calendar in when they have certain things booked - editors, cover designers, proofreaders, advance reader copies and so on - and filling one main calendar with every project's inner workings will just create one big ole mess which makes the calendar useless to everyone.

Groups would rather have private calendars, since not everyone needs to know exactly what pub and when they're all meeting up at if those people aren't attending. And not everyone needs to know who your editor is or what their deadlines are :D

This is also why there's no need for a thread for every event, so calendars which create events from threads don't suit the purpose.