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Mike Creuzer

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Congrats Jon. We may very well be interested in building some add-ons with this system in mind if it ever becomes a free resource. Its a brilliant idea, good luck.

Jon W

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I couldn't get past this:

Slightly disconcerting that the thumbnail is Rolf Harris -- Maidenhead celebrity for all the wrong reasons these days.

Cake add-ons haven't been tested for how addictive they are. Perhaps others can provide feedback?

My wife has been making me lots of cupcakes over the summer to help with my coding. Having experienced the effects, I'm surprised there haven't been more scientific studies on the effects of cupcakes on coding ability.


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It has some nice features I want. I need footnotes & tables (with hover function & pre formatted designs).
Any plans to have interactive graph. That would really be useful ?

Jon W

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Jon W updated Cake with a new update entry:

1.0.0 Beta 2 released

Changes to Cake:
  • Changed order of Cake installer steps to fix potential installer bugs following changes to XenForo add-on installer steps in XenForo 1.5.
  • Added ability for Cake add-ons to add/remove keys and content types/content type fields on install/uninstall.
  • Added new MySql helper functions for adding/removing keys.
  • Minor change to DataWriter helper.
  • Updated copyright notice due to change in company name from Waindigo Ltd to Forum Cake Ltd.
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