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I could not find a way to import it unfortunately, the tech support at vBulletin said it couldn't be done as it was text based, no database.
I really like your site. I love how the landing page and the forums seamlessly integrate. I would like to ask you a few questions if you don't mind. But most of my questions will depend mostly on what the answer is to one, so let me ask that first: I think I saw in another post that you wrote that you run Wordpress on this site, is that true?

Mr Lucky

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No, it is all xenforo plus addons. The homepage (question two maybe?) is the addon CTA Featured Threads and Portal.
Well shucks. I just spent over $3000 this year setting up my WordPress site with a custom design, I am not ready to give that up, so I will move on, thanks though. I do really like your site! The colors are so inviting and calming.

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Thanks, I just kind of worked on coffee colours in a kind of trial and error way, I'm no designer.

I do also have a wordpress site, and was considering using it along with xenforo, but in the end I use xenzine for the articles I would otherwise have done in Wordpress pages.

I do still think there is not yet an ideal portal and/or CMS for xenforo. Xenzine is very close though, just a couple if things such as image alignment and a few SEO tweaks, which it seems are in the pipeline anyway, and it will be very close to ideal for me.