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Bypass Date of Birth Privacy Permission 2.0

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Allow admins and mods to see peoples DOB, even if hidden in privacy settings.

Liam W

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Liam W submitted a new resource:

Force Show Birth Year - Make bypass user privacy permission work on birthdays as well...

I just created this for use on my own forum.

Basically, all it does is show the year of birth and age of a user regardless of their privacy settings if the viewing user has the bypass user privacy permission.

It requires PHP 5.3.0 minimum, and has been tested on XF 1.2 only. It might work on 1.1...

Source: https://github.com/liamwli/LiamFBY
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Does this mean that the bypass user privacy permission of xenforo doesn't allow administrators to see the year of birth and age of a user who hid those details via pricacy settings?