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Bump Threads [Paid] [Deleted]


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wang submitted a new resource:

Bump Threads - Allow groups to bump threads.

About this add-on

This add-on is designed to give groups the ability to bump own or any threads.

  • Bump own threads:
  • Bump any threads:
Those permisisons control who will be able to bump threads. The first permissions can be found under the Forum Permissions section and the second permission can be found under the Forum Moderator Permissions section.

An option to bump multiple threads is also available in the Inline Tools.
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Can I choose the node where I want to allow users bump their threads?
Now that option is included. To disable bumping of threads in nodes, when editing the permissions of said node for groups that you do not want to bump threads, revoke the permissions for bumping threads and that would accomplish disabling of bumps for groups in that particular node.
Hi Wang -

Would it be possible to add an additional configuration option to allow for a timelimit between bumps? For example, a specific thread can only be bumped once every 7 days?

Neutral Singh

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I have many articles buried in the forums over the years, which are evergreen. I have to dig them periodically for the newer audience. would love to have a functionality which can periodically automatically bump a selection of threads from any forum? thank you