XF 2.0 Bulk Delete Smilies in XF2


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TRUNCATE TABLE xf_smilie; is mentioned to remove all smilies for XF1.x.
Just curious if this would work in XF2.
I imported quite a lot of smilies in XF1 which I want to remove now as emojis are finally supported.
Logically, I would prefer to keep the ones included with XF2 as they would cover most manually inserted smilies like :) :D. I assume they would come back when I install a future update?


Modifying the database worked for me:
DELETE FROM `xf_smilie` WHERE `image_url` = 'https://f.cl.ly/items/1Y1f1K1i3v3L3l0S0s1N/emoji.png';
I had a ton of smilies with the same image_url that I wanted to delete