Lack of interest Bulk account creation from mailing list.


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Possibly more of a tool than a feature.

But I have been given a list of emails from my affiliates of people to message about a new forum set up. Now while I could just do a mailshot "heres our new fantastic forum sign up here ect ect" I have a feeling that if I ran this tool and they got an email more along the lines of

"Your new XYZ forums account is created! Click here to login."

That it would actually motivate people to join the forum and take part more than just an email. Upon clicking the one use link it then takes them to a page that for the first time lets them edit the username, password and personal information.

Otherwise, I might look at getting something like this commisioned :)


I hate it when people take away the option to create the account. If I am on that list please remove me asap!
Unless these users signed up for a mailing list that mentioned " and we will create the forum account for you " .. I see no reason why to make people members without them knowing this would happen?


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You may run into legal problem of using their email to create an account without permission. Not sure the rule where you live but it's an important point with privacy in the US.
I maintain a big mailing list and every subscriber has to double opt-in.


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My markets are very niche (and very tight nit), and the people on this list have agreed that their email could be used and i quote

"For the creation and/or subscription to services and/or listings that we believe you may be interested as provided by one of our affiliates."

This is more of an experiment actually to see how the numbers would differ. (i would probably randomly devide the list in 2 and send half the email, and half the auto created link) With a 2 week timeout or so that if the link wasn't clicked the account would get deleted.

Just for your peace of mind, our affilites are all linked together in the industry, the markets I participate in are highly expensive hobbies, and in this recession, one has shrunk over 60% and the other by around 30%, so anything we do is actually in aid to try and stimulate the growth again.


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Actually now I consider it, something like this could potentially be used for some serious abuse if it did come "bundled" with XF, so I will probbaly look at going down the route of getting it custom made.


What if I keep one members database for several forums ? You register on on one of them and get access to few more.. Is this illegal or my members just get bonus from Santa ?