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I've seen this successfully done on a rival community called vBulletin.
There's 17 built in styles for us to use for ourselves.

Because there are so many other styles around that are either too expensive or just don't fit the whole software.

Thoughts on having Built in Styles?
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It would not only look great but it would give us something to use instead of having to go looking or buying something.
And it guarantees slowing down any other development since it's no longer just the case of testing the new features in one theme, but testing it in all the themes.

Have observed this in other environments, it's really detrimental to feature development.
If they do this, I'd rather they publish it as a resource than have bloat I would never use.
This if at all. I would prefer they just offer well-done dark and light styles, one of each, and then let style-focused pros keep doing what they are doing. There is some wonderful stuff coming from the third party devs/stylists. And, as @Arantor suggests, the effort to maintain multiple native or 1st party styles is going to detract from other, arguably more important work.
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