XF 2.2 Bug in search?


when searching for "NMW" on my site I get "no results found" although the term is present multiple times in various threads.

any clue why?
Do you have Elastic Search or Standard MySQL searches? If the latter, then the term is too short for default MySQL limitations.

Enhanced Search with ElasticSearch enables you to search for those shorter terms.
The minimum word length can be changed for mysql in the XF ACP and also the my.cnf file.
the catch is this:

This is the minimum length of a word that can be searched by the index. With the default search system, this should correspond with the MySQL full text minimum word length (normally 4).

I am on a shared server and have no access to mysql settings.
Unfortunately you're out of luck then unless your host is willing to change it or you switch to a different host/package.

I don't know how much you're paying for hosting but I was previously with a provider from this site who offers shared hosting with enhanced search support for £5 - £20 per month.
for my own server it would only be 3 euros more per month BUT my host offers no change over service. I have a lot of different domains running and my current setup is 10 years old. I just dont have the time to change over right now.
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