Bug fixes?


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So, are any bugs being "officially" fixed since 1.1.3 released? I might be blind but I see no developer action in the bug reports forum since the middle of June. I would hope for a KAM reply to this...not community speculation. ;)


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So, are any bugs being "officially" fixed since 1.1.3 released?
I believe the most recent ones (June 19th and older) are included into 1.1.3 release. I like that the PHP 5.4 issue is fixed, a little unorthodox as fix but still...

Edit: Sorry, I misread your post. I thought you are asking what was fixed in 1.1.3 version. :)

Jeremy P

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To be fair, in the past I've noticed they usually go through a specific period of about a week or so fixing bugs before coming out with a point release. They don't fix most bugs over a long period of time and eventually make a release.. they do it rapidly before the release.

By "development never stopped and is ongoing" they probably meant for people to stop posting a new thread like this every week and let them do what they need to do. May I ask why for development to be ongoing you have to see them fixing bugs and posting week after week? They can't be working on 1.2? (albeit maybe at a slower pace than you find acceptable, but that doesn't mean 'stopped completely') or other endeavors that they as a business or even people are facing right now? They can't, in between those things, take a break in between for a holiday or a wedding maybe?

I know you want an official response from KMA but if you weren't happy with their last official response why are you going to be happy with this one? Do you expect them to say anything different? Because I expect nothing has really changed in the big picture.

I get it, everybody gets it - development slowed down.. 1.2 was delayed.. but this software hasn't been abandoned like some people make it out to be. I am not really in a rush to see 1.2 released, I understand and accept that the pace has slowed and I will have to wait. I don't think development is at a stand still just because it's not entirely visible. If anyone is running a project so critical to 1.2 or other updates that they cannot stand to wait until this slump in development is over, maybe this software isn't a good fit? I feel like people want to be told what I feel is already obvious - development is not taking place at as fast a pace as it was. And for me, that's okay. For others, it might not be. And while I'm sure it will eventually, it doesn't appear to be changing at this point in time.