bTech [Paid] [Deleted]


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The design is very pretty and very modern, but there is one major turnoff for me that keeps me from getting it.

I paid $390 for xenForo, that is the forum and brand free.
Your skin says "Quality XenForo Skin" in huge letters in the top left. This pretty much would make me feel like I wasted $250 on brand free licensing.

Do you offer some sort of brand free options to remove the blue pearl logo and the xenforo comment?


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Hey Sean, thanks for clarifying that. I sent you guys a contact form regarding this theme being integrated into other software. It would be nice to have my website and forum match.

Sean James

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Hey Xlsabel, This skin only supports XenForo and vBulletin4 at this time.
I did want to make this skin for other platforms but unfortunately time is limited.


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Hey Sean, I want to inquire some additional info on this skin. I love the overall design and appearance of it but I may need to change some things around to better fit into my theme with my main site. After I purchase your skin, is there any limitations as to what can be modified?

Also I noticed that the skin comes with 5 colors, is there a way to set it so users can choose a color scheme as their default?

And finally, is this a branded theme? I noticed the bTech text/link in the lower left. Is there removal options available?