Browser vendors thinking about compromising web standards


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So M$ and Mozilla thinking about making the IE6 mistakes all over again....

They are thinking about supporting webkit vendor prefixes in their browsers to help with the mobile web... for things not even becoming standards.
"Non-webkit browsers will support the -webkit prefix. That is the solution being considered by the W3C."

You might not know this but XenForo supports the latest tech once they can by adding the vendor prefixes at compile time if all major browsers support them. So this is something you might not notice but XenForo benefits from how the current system works and any changes wouldn't really chance anything for XenForo. However in general for the web... this is just stupid.


Mainly posting here because I want you to sign the petition.


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I used opera for a long time but some things just kept getting to me and now I have been converted to chrome with a heap of add-ons. Another reason is I was sick of using opera for browsing and firefox (which was getting worse with memory and bugs) for developing. I looked at chromes dev tools and they are good enough for me. Only have to open firefox when doing a lot of front-end work as firebug is better at live updating.

Also, if M$ and Mozilla did this you would most likely see opera follow...