Brogan vs Jason

Digital Doctor

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New research suggests that Brogan is the result of an advanced AI experiment that began in the 80s as the "Max Headroom" experiment.

Max Headroom Reloaded: The Brogan years.

If anyone thinks ... "Wow, Brogan is the best .... he's supporting XF 24/7 .... that guy is like a machine!" ... Bingo !

Update: Max Headroom = Brogan = Jason Statham

Fred Sherman

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Pod people, sent among us to perform recon before the final invasion. There are more...

Chef Mario Batali, Micheal Teutul, Johna Hill and Bobby Hill - note the all wear shorts no matter the weather or conditions (okay, the last one is a reach)...

How many more pod people clones can you find?

Brogan, if its not too much to ask, is the invasion set for Dec 21st? That would actually clear up a couple of things if it is.