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Unmaintained Bring snow and Christmas tree to your forum

snow and Christmas tree to your forum

  1. ip0dhacker

    ip0dhacker Active Member

    ip0dhacker submitted a new resource:

    Bring snow and Christmas tree to your forum (version 1.0) - snow and Christmas tree to your forum

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member


    Remove this part of the code if you want to keep your background.
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  3. ip0dhacker

    ip0dhacker Active Member

    thanks for your comment :)
  4. Robyn Unc Privette

    Robyn Unc Privette Active Member

    I love this but it sort of locks up my forum and makes it a bit slow :/
  5. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

    I also removed it because it made my forum run slower as well.
  6. De Obertei

    De Obertei Active Member

    Very nice, but if I do 100%, I have the inconvenience to exit button and the portal to the right and the left. Besides, I could not use the forum with iPhone.
    Forum is working quickly.
  7. MagnusB

    MagnusB Well-Known Member

    All these animations will slow down your computer a bit, they are often quite intensive for the CPU.
  8. Inkman

    Inkman Active Member

    This works well i have just tried it, is there a way to remove the snow effect? I presume if we could remove the animation it wouldn't slow the forum down then.
  9. gavpeds

    gavpeds Active Member

    This is perfect! I don't suppose you have something similar but for birthdays? Our site is 3 years old soon!
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  10. Cykros

    Cykros Member

    How can i disable this for mobile?
  11. Ernest L. Defoe

    Ernest L. Defoe Well-Known Member

    Just change the images......
  12. XxUnkn0wnxX

    XxUnkn0wnxX Active Member

    can some 1 tell me y this fails on xenforo 1.2.4? [​IMG]
  13. RoyalRumble

    RoyalRumble Active Member

    Just a follow up to this question - can anyone advise?
  14. NinaMcI

    NinaMcI Active Member

    Hi. I've added this to my site and it looks great. Just realised though that the image in top right corner his covering my admin tab so I can't get into the ACP anymore. What can I do? HELP!!
  15. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

  16. NinaMcI

    NinaMcI Active Member

    Thanks Brogan...panic over :)

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