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Bring snow and Christmas tree to your forum


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Bring snow and Christmas tree to your forum (version 1.0) - snow and Christmas tree to your forum

This template modification will help you to bring snow and Christmas tree into your forum.
Step 1 : Find template page_container_js_body

Add the following code at the bottom of this template:
<script type='text/javascript'>
document.write('<style type="text/css">body{background:#f5465a;padding-bottom:150px}</style><img style="position:fixed;z-index:9999;top:0;left:0"...
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I also removed it because it made my forum run slower as well.

De Obertei

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Very nice, but if I do 100%, I have the inconvenience to exit button and the portal to the right and the left. Besides, I could not use the forum with iPhone.
Forum is working quickly.


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This works well i have just tried it, is there a way to remove the snow effect? I presume if we could remove the animation it wouldn't slow the forum down then.


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This is perfect! I don't suppose you have something similar but for birthdays? Our site is 3 years old soon!


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Hi. I've added this to my site and it looks great. Just realised though that the image in top right corner his covering my admin tab so I can't get into the ACP anymore. What can I do? HELP!!