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Right i posted a few weeks ago requesting a Breaking News feature that i need for my site but it all got a bit complicated and nobody knew what i wanted so i have now made a image via photoshop to show exactly what i need.

As you can see from the image below i want a static bar at the bottom of my websites page which stays were it is even when you scroll up or down the page but i only want it on the home page not other pages.

I want it exactly how it shows in the screenshot and i want to be able to add text to the right of the breaking news text via the admin control panel and some way for me to make the text clickable so it goes to a certain thread. Now i will be changing the text and clickable link a lot so would need it to be set out handy in the admin control panel and also a way for me to turn the addon off and on when needed.

Any questions please let me know.
I am looking for something as cheap as possible as my website isnt a money making website it just a website for my community where i live.


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I did some css alteration and had a notification span 100% across the page using Chris Deemings - Notification's which I think you could style (if your fluent with css) which I'm sure you will be that would get this affect. You may want to check that add-on out and it's very cheap.

I thought I'd mention this on the chance you can do something with this as I did a similar affect months ago.


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We made something similar using John's twitter module, it pulls the latest tweet from our account and styles it similar to how you have.


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I dont have a clue sorry, like i said i need it exactly as requested above (im really fussy i know lol)