Breadcrumb within forum list container


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I'd like to move my breadcrumbs to the top and bottom of the forum list, similar to the Flexile and iXen styles, among others...but I'm stuck as to what to move in which template (it is just a template edit...right? *crosses fingers* :p). How exactly do I move those into that forum list container?

Thanks as always. :)


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lol he said he wants his breadcrumbs to be at the top and bottom of the forumlist. Like Flexile (ours) is.
If you look at his current breadcrumb, it's floating way up top just under the navbar. He wants it like we have ours.


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Maybe I'll try something else, then. What do you mean by "popout," though?

p.s. This is for a custom style I'm working on, not the Echo theme. :)