XF 2.2 Breadcrumb menu or drop down menu for navigation in-thread

is there a way to let user browse the threads (when they are inside a thread) with a drop down menu like a tree menu? This function was very usefull in vbulletin. A little menu was fixed above the first message of the discussion box and one user was able to click in there and jump to other node-section-etc.

Now it have to click mandatory on the breadcum link or jump to the forum index and then search where he need to go...
My custom solution, for now:

1) Under Public Navigation, in the admin control panel, create a new navigation, call it MENU (or as you want) -> Type: Node and -> Mark only the Show child/son in the navigation checkbox.
2) Create a new navigation, set MENU as parent, chose your entire node to be listed -> Type: Node and -> Mark the Show title in the node instead of... and -> Show child/son in the navigation checkbox.
3) Repeat 2) for each your sections/nodes.

This create a new drop down voice in the navigation of the Forum, in my case "MENU". With a click drop down all forum sections/nodes listed. This work for Desktop and Mobile too.
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