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HitArrowLegend submitted a new resource:

Brackets BB Codes (3Brackets) - This addon allows you to display brackets from various websites into XenForo

I needed something like that for my Esports Redactors and it didn't exist, yet. Basically, it adds BBCodes you can use into threads in order to embed brackets from various websites. This is also my first contribution so be nice with me and you will get cookie ;)

Currently supported :


(I will add more BBCodes if I find websites allowing us to create custom brackets.)

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I looked at Battlefy in order to see what the embed code looks like and I have to admit that it's far beyond my abilites for now. I mean I managed to get the bracket embeded as you can see here :
but I don't know how to add the bracket into the match URL field so it only works if you get rid of the end of the address :/

Also, due to the fact that I don't know how to recognize which kind of tournament it is, I can't put the title of the bracket so for now, I desactivated it but it looks ugly for littles tournaments in single elimination :

Ha, and there is still this stupid problem with the fixed height at 500px ^^'
The same way with any other bbcode in xenforo. Just copy paste any link from these two sites and thanks to @EQnoble , battlefy will be available soon ( and I'm talking with the battlefy guys to have some changes )
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