Bought anything Lately ?

Digital Doctor

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I just bought a Nook Colo(u)r. $199 refurbed @ factory on ebay.

Plan is to root it, and install Cyanogenmod 7 (via xda-developers).
I figure it's a cheap way to test multi-touch android on a capacitive touch display.
Nook Color Guide / How To / Utilities
I am going to use this guide to install on the microSD card first, probably on a Sandisk class 4 (or 2) microSD card. [source] likely class 4 16 gig.
The main install guide is verygreen's @ XDA.
Other install guide on YouTube.

Brett Peters

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I have never heard of a Nook Colo(u)r, Any good ?
No toys for me but I did buy a new Corsa ECU which should be fun to program :mad:


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I bought an 80 watt solar panel and controller for £199 from ebay last week to use on my narrowboat.


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I brought a truck with 4 wheel drive, smells like a steak and seats 35.

Though the last thing I purchased was a new Koi for my pond :)

Fred Sherman

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Not buying anything unless I have to. Putting all spare cash into a Mayonnaise jar and burying it in the yard. But then again, I bought all my guns and ammo on Nov 5th, 2008. If you didn't, that might be your best investment right now.



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Paint, Paint, more paint.. whoever said paint was a "cheap" way of dressing something up, obviously hasn't seen how much paint is now days!!!!!

I paid $64 (on special from $75) for 4 litres of paint for one small room, and $48 for a 1 litre pot of paint for an outside door, along with several 10 litre tins (@ $149) for outside walls, trim etc.. and my painter tells me we need another 10 litres of one colour :(

Packing boxes, Tiles, Tiler, Light fittings x 6 (sheez they are not cheap either!!!) door knobs, Plants, Cushions, accessories.

Been a fun but very expensive couple of weeks getting our house finished for eventual sale or rental (we are moving in the next few weeks).