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Bots Online (Temporary until made a part of XF)

Daniel Hood

Well-known member
I decided to quickly throw together a way to display the bots currently crawling the side in the same block as members online. I may improve this by making it's own block, displaying the number on the block, and adding the bot names instead of "Guest" on the /members/online page. Depends on if it bugs me enough to not wait. I figured since I did it for myself, I should release it because of how many threads I came across talking about it before.

Attached are the addon files and xml file.

Live demo at www.sportsdiscussion.net/community/


Daniel Hood

Well-known member
An error was brought to my attention. I don't use the default theme and as I was building this I made template changes to recognize the bots. I forgot and didn't include the template changes. This can be fixed by changing <xen:if is="{$user.user_id}"> to <xen:if is="{$user.username}"> or I fixed it with php and you can download the new files or add
$records[$key]['user_id'] = (int) 1;
as line #64 in "library/SDBotsOnline/Model/Session.php".

I will give this a better fix soon which will include a custom template file. Just not going to do it right now as I'm about to go to bed (plus I want to improve some other things before releasing another download).