XF 1.1 Bots online now


I read in a few older topics that with 1.1, search bots will show up on the online list as Google or Yahoo instead of as a guest. I'm wondering if this ending up making it into 1.1, and how I would go about enabling it? Thank you.

Jake Bunce

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I don't see an option for this. There is an "isRobot" flag in the session record but it doesn't appear to be implemented in the list of online users (requires an addon).


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Can we hide bots from being counted on the visitors list (either through recent Xenforo developments or 3rd party addons)? We'd really prefer they weren't listed at all, since they're not human :p



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No, it hasn't been implemented yet.
I wonder if in future versions, the search engine robots will be identified in "who is online" ?
The ideal would be to have the group nome "search engine" for their attribés the paths to the forums.

And to tell the difference between a guest and a robot.

thank you