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Add-on Bot Thanks


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Hi all :)

I need one "Bot Thanks" auto post in forum specified id...

it's possible?


Sorry for my english, i'm french !


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I use that post forms in specific sections but for people with no answers. This is avoided that positions be included "0" response


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Create a new template in the style you want this to display in and name it:
then paste this in that template when creating it:

<li data-author="ThanksBot" class="message replyBot" id="post-null">
    <div itemtype="http://data-vocabulary.org/Person" itemscope="itemscope" class="messageUserInfo">
        <div class="messageUserBlock">
            <div class="avatarHolder">
                <span class="helper"></span>
                <a data-avatarhtml="true" class="avatar Av1m" href=""><img width="96" height="96" alt="ThanksBot" src="styles/default/xenforo/avatars/avatar_m.png"></a>
                <!-- slot: message_user_info_avatar -->
            <h3 class="userText">
                <a itemprop="name" class="username" href="">ThanksBot</a>
                <em itemprop="title" class="userTitle">Automated Attaboy</em>
                <em itemprop="title" class="userBanner bannerStaff wrapped"><span class="before"></span><strong>Thank you robot</strong><span class="after"></span></em>
                <!-- slot: message_user_info_text -->
            <span class="arrow"><span></span></span>
    <div class="messageInfo primaryContent">
        <div class="messageContent">
                <blockquote class="messageText ugc baseHtml">
                    Thank you for posting this @<a data-user="{$message.user_id}, {$message.username}" class="username" href="{xen:link 'members'}{$message.user_id}/">{$message.username}</a>

Next go edit template: message

add this to the very end of the template
<xen:if is="{$post.position} % {$xenOptions.messagesPerPage} == 0 AND {$forum.node_id} == NODEID">
    <xen:include template="secondPost_thanksBot" />
Replace NODEID with the node id #

From there you can modify that template, upload an image for it's avatar and change the link for it an pretty much whatever else you want.
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Yes but not doing it this way which inserts a dummy post after the first post in any thread in node-X. You would need to do something else to achieve what you are asking but honestly I don't think it is worth the time to do all that for an auto thank you reply which should be very simple.


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Yes I know that answer is simple: =) but when you create a database with users that adds hundreds of messages not requiring an answer, it's pretty annoying: (

Hence the fact that I wondered if it was possible :)