XF 1.2 Border Around Forums/Threads/All Pages


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With our current theme, in order to make sure the background doesn't cause any confusion with our forums, we need a border around the outside of the forum. On the index of the forums, it currently has a forum but inside each forum displaying the threads and the threads themselves along with other pages, the border is where we need to edit this. Where exactly can we edit these files?

Tracy Perry

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If nobody has helped you by the time I get back home (at Pizza Hut waiting on my carry-out) I'll see what I can turn up. It's a fairly simple border issue.

Tracy Perry

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What is your site... would be easier to check it out and that way I can see exactly what code it needs to do (with color examples).
It's simple EXTRA.css edits.
For the actual discussion topics you would use something like
.messageList .message {
border: 2px solid white;