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Our site:

We had vBulletin based forum and livestreet (WP alternative) based blogging system. Yesterday we imported all the content to XenForo. I used vb4 importer for forum and had to write own importer for blogging system.

The site uses custom addon which has News, Blogs and Widgets. The addon was coded by me together with Yoskaldyr and templated by CyberAP.

We are very glad switching on XenForo. Coding for XF is a great pleasure.
Yesterday the site handled 700 online users on 20$ shared hosting without Zend Cache.
Very thank to developers Kier and Mike!

Sadik B

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Thanks for high estimate of our site :)
Also XenForo itself gives a good inspiration to create addons.
[offtopic] I agree... I actually enjoy making Addons for Xenforo, which is something unique. Loved the day when I finally figured out how the MVC thingie works! Now only Xenforo's use of namespaces in Javascript has me stumped, if I can figure those out too.. maybe I can make larger addons! :) [/offtopic]


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The blogs still look like threads from the forum listing. Why not make a responsive row of blog entries?

As in... putting it in blocks. An example would be Xenzine Articles by tenants.